Pricing for Adult classes:

Aerial and Circus Classes

(Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Tightwire, Partner Acro etc), these classes are taught in 7 week sessions with a week-long break in between.  You may sign up for a full 7 weeks, or a single class.  Many of our students take 2-4 classes a session and we offer great discounts for those who commit!

  • Single Adult Aerial Drop in class: $25
  • 7 Classes: $140 (20% discount)
  • 14-Classes: $220 (45% Discount)
  • 2-Month unlimited classes ($160/mo, auto pay for 2-month commitment totaling in $320)

2 Month-Unlimited classes Membership

1) You agree to pay $160 for a two-month interval, no cancellations.  Once you agree and accept the terms, this is a two-month commitment for a total of $320.

2)  Your two-month unlimited class contract begins on the FIRST day you enroll in a class, its highly recommended you review the class schedule calendar and start the contract on the first week of our 7-week class schedule.

3) Your contract applies to all classes within your prerequisite skill level.  If you have been given permission to all advanced classes, you may attend any adult classes on the schedule.  If you are a level 1 student, you may attend level 1 classes only.  Your package also covers Yoga and Dance classes.

4) There is no penalty for late cancelling, or no-shows, but it is courteous to cancel online so that if the class is sold out the instructor knows there is room for someone who may be on the wait list.

5)  Contract will not auto renew after 2 months.

6)  Contract can not be terminated mid agreement

7) To purchase this 2 month unlimited membership please login to your Mind Body account and go to "online store:, then "contracts." This must be done on a computer, not on the app. Or click HERE to be transferred directly to the contracts page.


Yoga and Dance Classes

  • Single Class Purchased Online $12
  • 7 Class Package $70
  • Single Walk In Class $15

Pricing for Youth/teen Classes:

Your package may be used on any youth classes offered during the week as long as you have the prerequisites for the class.

  • Single Youth Drop In Class: $20
  • 7 Week Youth Aerial Session: $105 (20% discount)- good for kids coming 1x/week
  • 14 Class Package: $200 (25% discount)- good for kids coming 2x/week

Pricing for Private lessons:

  • 1 Person $60/hr
  • 2 People $70/hr
  • 3 People $90/hr
  • Add $20/person up to 5
  • 6-9 People $200 for 1.5 hrs
  • 10-15 people $275 for 1.5 hrs
  • For larger then 15 groups please email


Expiration date

You have 2 months from date of first visit to use class packages.  The expiration date is listed in your account.  Please keep in mind we take week-long breaks between sessions and will not offer classes at that time.  For a full monthly glance at our calendar, please see the calendar at the bottom of the home page.  We recommend matching the start date to the start of our 7 class session but its not necessary.

How to Enroll in adult or youth classes:

*Please note* Purchasing a class package does not automatically enroll you in the class session, you may just be enrolled for a single day.  Your class credits can be applied to any class we offer, so an adult 7 class pack can be used for ANY adult class (in your skill level), and a youth/teen class package can be used for the Thursday OR Saturday classes. Your first registered class will activate that class package and you'll have 8 weeks to use it from your first date of registration.

If you would like to be enrolled in the same class for the whole session, you will need to scroll through the weeks and add yourself, or call us and have us enroll you.  This is a wise idea if you know you want a spot in class, as many of our classes do sell out.