Hello and Welcome!  We are Toledo's Premier circus training and performance space.  Our classes offer a unique fitness program that improves strength, flexibility and confidence for anyone.  You do not need to be an athlete to make this your home, just a desire to try something new and work for it. 

Check Out These New Classes:

A full body fitness class with a circus twist!  This workout is used to build and maintain top athletic shape and prevent injury by aerialists and acrobats, and a great workout for the fitness enthusiast of any level.  No prerequisites, all levels are welcome.

Hammock is an aerial fabric hung in a U shape.  This class will teach basic mounts, poses, drops and choreography from a sitting and standing position.  No prerequisites, all levels are welcome.


This class will utilize yoga flows to combine breath and movement in order to increase flexibility and strength.  The class will also include an inversion practice at any level- whether you are new to handstands or a handstands pro.  We will start each class with a quick-paced flow series and conclude with inversion and restorative stretches. Everyone will work at their own level to advance their practice with guidance from the instructor.  No prerequisites, all levels are welcome.