Adult Circus Classes

Intro/ Beginner Classes:

cirque sampler

Curious about aerial arts?  Want to know how to balance your friends on your feet?  This is your class!!!!!  1-2x a month we offer this mix of Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Lyra and Partner Acro.   So much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising your mind, body and spirit!  Limited room, you must register in advance.  This is a beginner class, no experience is required.


Aerial Hammock 1

Hammock is an aerial fabric hung in a U shape.  This class will teach basic mounts, poses, drops and choreography from a sitting and standing position.  Conditioning and flexibility exercises using the apparatus and on the floor will be included.  This is a mixed level class.  Beginner students will learn the basic positions while more advanced students will add on to these positions.  No prerequisites, all levels are welcome.


Aerial Silks 1

Aerial silks is a fabric apparatus hung from the ceiling that is climbed, wrapped around the body, and/or tied to create dramatic drops, poses and movements in the air.  Beginner students will learn the fundamentals while building strength, flexibility, and coordination- not to mention bruises in unusual places…! Pre-requisites: None

Class repeated until prerequisites met for Silks 2

amanda trapeze with logo copy.jpg


Trapeze 1 focuses on body awareness, strength, and balance above and below the bar. Often referred to as the ballet bar of circus, this apparatus builds clean form and vocabulary in a playful environment.  The fundamentals of static trapeze is a class for beginning aerialists. Pre-requisites: None


Lyra 1

The Lyra (also known as the aerial hoop) is a circular steel aerial apparatus suspended from the ceiling and can be used static, spinning, or swinging aerial movement.   This is a beautiful apparatus that teaches grace, strength and power.  Bring extra leggings! Pre-requisites: None

partner Acro 1

In Acro, we play with good alignment and momentum to let the “base” balance and move a partner (flyer).  Everyone can practice each part to their own comfort. New students will learn the basics and experienced students will practice more challenging poses and transitions.  It’s a low-stress, safe, and fun environment to improve fitness, balance, and communication. 

Wear comfortable clothing – you might get turned upside down!  Please avoid heavy lotions and scents, natural or otherwise.  We love you, we just might not want to smell like you all day! No prerequisites, all levels are welcome. No partner necessary!

Tightwire 1

Tight Wire Walking is a traditional circus art performed on a narrow metal cable under tension.  It is a challenging mental and physical activity of balance and focus. This class will teach various steps, poses and techniques for fluid movement on a safe 2′ wire above the ground, while being spotted by an instructor.

A class for students interested in dance, posture, balance, and aligning brain with body, as wire dancing is as much about mental calm as it is physical stability.  No prerequisites, all levels are welcome.


Strong and Flexy 1

A full upper and lower body workout with stretching.  Half the class will use aerial and ground exercises to condition and strengthen, while the other half we will stretch and lengthen those muscles.  Can't do a pullup?  Come to this class.  Can do a pullup?  Come to this class and do more!  Dont have your splits?  Come to this class.  Already have a split?  Come to this class and work the oversplit! A great class for aerialist and non-aerialists alike.

Bring water, comfy clothes and your buff selves.

No prerequisites, all levels

Intermediate/ Level 2 Classes


 Silks 2

Prerequisite: Students must have completed at least one or more full seven week sessions of Beginner Silks, have instructor approval, or have trained at another facility. Students must be able to basic climb, foot knot in the air, invert to crochet hooked feet in the air, and x-back in foot locks to enroll in this series.

Vertical 2 (advanced Silks and rope)

Prerequisite: Strong straddle inversion with bent arms in the air, solid hip key with straight legs in air,  2 straddle climbs in a row, and be ability to stay in the air for 5 minutes. 

This class will explore introductory to intermediate dynamic movement, beginning and intermediate vocabulary on Rope, and intermediate to advanced silks.   We will condition and do light stretching each class to keep stay limber and prevent injury.  Plan to bring layers to protect your body.  An extra shirt for armpits, and tight socks with toes cut out can be nice for rope.

Vertical 3 (Advanced silks and rope)

Prerequisite: Students have completed at least one or more full seven week sessions of Level 2 Silks and received instructor approval, or have trained at another facility. Must have scissor hip key, straight leg straddle climbs to top, understanding of s-wrap, ss hook, and able to stay in the air for 3-5 minutes.

This class will be explore dynamic movement, intermediate rope vocabulary and some advanced silks concepts with lots of conditioning and head games for the theory enthusiasts.  Plan to bring layers to protect your body, including stretch jeans for rope.