Is there a minimum fitness level for these classes?

No.  All levels, ages, and body types are welcome (8+).  Students move through our program at their own pace.  We encourage a space that celebrates accomplishments while respecting our bodies' limits.  Please consult with your doctor if you are unsure. 

What age ranges are the kids classes for?

The Youth Classes are for ages 8-11, and teen classes are 12-17.  The class is taught by 2 instructors and groups within the class will be formed based on skill level and experience.  18+ will attend the adult classes.

What will my child learn in circus class?

Classes are a mix of aerial and ground skills.  We usually focus on 3 skills per session in each class, for example, silks, trapeze, and juggling.  We also integrate basic tumbling into warm ups.  We strive to build our youth/teen students up to be well rounded circus artists that work well with others, and have confidence from the results of hard (but very fun and rewarding) work.

I am an adult, Which level class should I sign up for?

If you have never done aerial arts before- no matter what your background is you should sign up for a beginning class. Beginner classes include: Trapeze 1, Lyra 1, Hammock 1, Tightwire 1, Flexibility For All, Partner Acro and Silks 1.  We also offer a Cirque Sampler class 1-2x/mo where you can try out each apparatus.

How do I register for class?

Use the SIGN UP button on our website!  Create a login using our Mind Body scheduling system and choose a single class or a class package.  Scroll through the calendar and enroll yourself ahead of time in the class you want to take to ensure you have a spot in class all session. We recommend registering early to make sure you get a spot as many of our classes sell out.

How do the prerequisites work? 

All beginner or level 1 classes require no prerequisites to attend. Level 2 and up classes have prereqs listed in the class descriptions and require instructor clearance. If you are visiting from out of town please read the prereqs for the class you’d like to attend and email with a description and video sample that shows your experience level.

What should I wear and bring to class?

  1. Please wear comfortable, close-fitting, yoga-type clothing that covers armpits, waist and backs of the knees. Men may want to wear briefs, not boxers.

  2. Bring a water bottle.

  3. Bare feet – please make sure they are clean and fresh.

  4. Long hair tied back.

  5. No jewelry, rivets, zippers, or anything else that could damage the silks.

  6. No hand lotion (it will interfere with your grip), and please no heavy fragrances, natural or otherwise.

  7. Students will be most comfortable practicing on an empty stomach, a two hour window between your last meal and class is recommended.

  8. A yoga mat is highly recommended for warm-ups