• Please no zippers, rings, earrings, velcro or anything that can damage the silks and other equipment.

  • We recommend tight fitting clothing that covers backs of knees, lower back and armpits. Men should wear briefs not boxers and a dance belt is recommended

  • Refrain from heavy scents, cologne, lotion etc. We love you but don't want to smell you.

  • No glass bottles of any kind in studio. Bring a water bottle though and stay hydrated!


  • Arrive 5 min early to class. Proper warm ups prevent injury. Participants arriving 15 minute or later will be asked not to participate but allowed to take notes and observe class.

  • We are a body positive gym, please use language that strengthens yourself and others.

Observing A Class

Parents, friends and interested bystanders are welcome to observe for the last 15 minutes of a class.  There is a no observation policy for open gym.  We appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm but we need to focus!  Come see what we’ve learned in the last 15 minutes with permission from the instructor, or better yet- at one of our student showcases!

Picture/ Video Taking

Pictures and Video may only be taken after getting permission from a fellow student or instructor.  You may take video of yourself, but if it becomes distracting to the lesson, you will be asked to put your phone away.

Open Gym

All students must have teacher permission before attending open gym.  Please read our full OG policy on our OPEN GYM page. 

Other Legal

Birds Eye View Circus, LLC is NOT responsible for lost or stolen property in or around our premises.

Birds Eye View Circus, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone