2017 USA Aerial Workshop Tour w Alex Allan and Jenn Bruyer from Seattle, WA

Sling for Intermediate Aerialists with Jenn Bruyer

Jenn Bruyer

Jenn Bruyer

Sling is my absolute favorite! It’s the perfect mix of fluidity, contour continuation and dynamic freedom (in a supported setting). While it uses techniques and gathers inspiration from fabric, lyra or trapeze, it allows for concepts that are not possible on any other apparatus, giving it a vocabulary and movement style all its own.

Examples may include: fundamentals, open sling and closed sling skills, mounts, dives and drops, beats, sculptural shapes and balances.
Join me to explore how what you already love to do can translate to this new and unusual form.

Prerequisite: Intermediate skill level on fabric, trapeze, lyra or rope



Hip key/S-Lock Exploration with Alex allen

Alex Allen

Alex Allen

Hipkey and S-lock are fundamental wraps for vertical apparatus. Both are nearly always present in an aerial act. There are so many ways to get into and out of each of these functional wraps that they can be at the center of some really beautiful and surprising transitions.

This workshop will focus on building a unique and interesting vocabulary of entrances into hipkey and s-lock and unexpected exits out of them.

We will explore various ways of transitioning in the air to achieve these movements; threading, twisting, climbing, rolling, flipping and flaring. Hipkey and s-lock will cease to be mundane wraps and become transitional positions in which to create innovative and seamless choreography. Even if you want to just improve the technique of your hip-key and s-lock, this will be a great workshop for you.

Prerequisite:  Participants must be comfortable with the hip key and s-lock wraps.