Duo Filamental Workshops!


Intro to Doubles Trapeze

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  • Friday May 11th,  6-7:30pm
  • Ages 16+
  • Prerequisites: Inversion in the air

We will cover the basics of basing a partner from a trapeze bar, including several basing positions and drills for finding moments of synchronicity. All participants will have the opportunity to both base and fly in some capacity. This workshop is a great introduction for students who have not tried duo trapeze before, or a good refresher for students who have not based or flown recently. The skills covered in this workshop will be built on in the Dynamic Movement and Static Shapes workshop.

Footlocks Unlocked!

  • Friday May 11th
  • 7:30-9pm
  • Ages 16+ Prerequisite: Footknot on in the air

This workshop will focus on the many options available from a single footlock (one foot locked into both silks); we'll look at how to take basic skills from a footlock, update them, and add onto them.  We'll play with moments of creativity, and making something simple advanced.



Dynamic Doubles Movement

and Static Shapes

Duo Filamental1.jpg
  • Saturday May 12th
  • 11:30am-1pm
  • Ages 16+ Prerequisites: See below

In the first half of this workshop we will begin to harness momentum and transfer it between partners on trapeze. We will work dynamic movement and skills that require more precise timing and communication between partners. In the second half of this workshop we will shift the focus to creative basing positions. Students will learn several unusual positions to base from, and also be given the tools to find their own creative basing shapes.

Prereq: It is recommended that students take Intro to Doubles Trapeze before they taking this workshop, or have some duo experience, or can do a pull up and a comfortable straight arm, straight leg inversion.

Finding "That" Quality

  • Saturday May 12th
  • 1:30-3pm
  • Ages 16+ Prerequisite: Ability to stay in the air 1-2min

Hayley draws on her dance background to help students discover their own personal aerial movement quality. Focus will be given to finding moments of dynamic non-essential movements, paying attention to detail, and identifying and honing personal style. Students should feel comfortable executing a sequence in the air, though they do not have to come with one prepared.  We will use silks in this workshop but concepts can be applied to any apparatus.

Duo Filamental 3.jpg

Duo Filamental Bio:

Rachel and Hayley met while studying at Oberlin College where they trained circus alongside studying for their degrees in Chemistry and Religion.  After graduation, they continued their training in the Aloft Full Time Program and formed Duo Filamental.  They are currently based in Chicago where they perform and coach silks and duo trapeze, but are excited to be spending the next few months traveling and sharing their skills and love of circus across the states.

Workshop Pricing

  • Sign up for 1 workshop for $60
  • Sign up for 2 workshops and get each for $50
  • Sign up for 3 workshops and get each for $40

Limited space in each workshop. 

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